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Voice Lessons

Rediscovering the Joy in Singing

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Sheet Music

Singing Lessons with Heart

I've been teaching singers for over 12 years now, and I have always felt that singing lessons can lack "heart and soul". Singing is a vulnerable act that allows us to express emotions, but often times we feel fear of allowing others to hear what we have to say. My studio is a safe place to express, feel, and sing.

Inclusive and Safe

My studio is an inclusive space that is safe for people of all ages, gender, racial, religious, and ethnic identities. My studio is a safe space for students with neuro-diversities (I myself am neuro-diverse).

Music Performance


My students range from advanced beginners to professional singers. I typically work with singers over the age of 12 who love singing and want to learn healthy technique and joyful artistry. I am primarily a classical voice instructor, but I also teach jazz and Classic Musical Theatre. If you need a recommendation for a student that does not fit my studio, I will refer you to one of my excellent colleagues.

Drama Students

"Isabella is a caring teacher who works so hard to ensure her students are not only learning music, but thriving in their every-day lives. She makes singing joyful and intentional!"

- Anna Lee, student

"Isabella's teaching of Srija during this pandemic inspired her to realize her dream, which would not have been possible without her!" 

- Manomita Bhowmik, Parent

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